Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucas' job

halo! my name is Lucas Mayoba, im a community liaision coordinator. im very glad here with my work as i do different things such as teaching the volunteers kiswahili, i`ve been doing this for a long time and that`s because i enjoy it, gain more skills by getting challenges from them which makes me find if not think different ways of making them understood the lesson. not only they learn from me but i also learn from them by this way.

i also doing home visiting with ruth to see the really life of child who looks different from other weather sick, disablled, or unhappy and happen to come to chekechea. also networking to different Ngo`s, vacation center, church etc, wich makes us to learn from each other, understand te way they deal with children like how they got the lincense of keeping them, just the way they manage them in general.

and for this moment when Karen is not here Ruth and we took over so if someone is sick weather mama or a child from KeshoLeo, we can give assistant just like if they need to see a doctor, and health issues in general.

there is a blissfully things i gate when i see the younger and the older children that i teach kiswahili as they work hard, try to emulate with the lesson, which they can tell by seeing the stape they are making.

working together with Hannah, Amy, and Kate in tuition is also a wounderfull thing, i get a lot of expirience by working with them, and they dont hasitate to dirrect me when i need to.

bellow is a photo of me teaching volunteers kiswahili

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David said...

Hi Lucas, great to read your post. Not sure if you know, but the photo didn't get loaded. Looking forward to your next blog post. Regards David